Nov. 19, 2019, 6:05 p.m.

Selecting a Tile for your floor

Apavisa Fluid Tile Pattern from abc emporio

What are Tiles? How can you select the right Tile for your Floor?

Tiles are one of the oldest and important Building material used all around the world. Tiles play a major role in giving your home a ravishing look, which is why choosing Tiles for your floor can be difficult. Here are some tips which you could use while choosing an appropriate tile for your floor.

5 Tips for Selecting Tiles for your Floor -:

Moroccan Tile Pattern

1.) Placement 

Choosing the right placements for your Tiles can be tricky, different rooms need different tile patterns, textures & structures, which is why placing the right tile at the right place is a very important step.

Using a textured tile for your shower floor will be more convenient as textured tiles reduce slippery. Choosing smooth tiles for other rooms or floors will be more efficient because smooth tiles are easy to clean. For High Traffic area in your home using durable porcelain tiles is more effective as durable porcelain tiles resist scratching & chipping. For your indoors, ceramic tiles are the best choice because ceramic tiles are more likely to give your home an elegant touch,

Try to keep this in mind the next time before you select a tile.

Apavisa Hexagon pattern tile from abc emporio

2.) Styles & Pattern 

Nowadays tiles are available in different patterns and styles, thanks to modern technology everyone can have their own patterns and designs under an affordable price.

Styles and patterns of tiles are considered to be one of the major factors affecting your home's interior looks. Using stone patterned tile will give your home a subtle feel to it. Make sure that your stone pattern has a style which doesn't interfere with your home's personality, for an austere look try using marble stone surfaces. Surface tile patterns are great but using patterned tile flooring when you already have a strong pattern on your wall can get messy. 

Color Tiles

3.) Choosing The Right Colours

Colour has a great role in making your floor look great, which is why choosing the right colour tiles are very much important.

Many People prefer dark colour patterns while some of them prefer light colours, while both of them have different effects on your floor and space, dark tiles provide a warmth feeling so make sure that you have an open space and enough lighting to keep the tile colour from over enhancing your place. If you are a Dark kind of person consider Navy, Chocolate Brown or burnt pattern coloured tile for your kitchen space. Light pattern tiles provide your space with a larger look to it cream coloured tiles do the job very easily, also having a light coloured tiles will give your home an elegant simple touch to it. 

If you ever get confused about which pattern of colour should you go with keep in mind that having a variety of mixed tile colours isn't bad. Nowadays it is a common having multi-coloured tiles in homes, also it looks fabulous.

Armani Collection tiles

4.) Dimensions

Dimensions, Dimensions, Dimensions one of the major things people go on and on about when it comes to choosing a tile. Selecting a perfectly sized tile can be difficult and confusing. 

Making a proper decision cannot always be un-satisfactory some people say size doesn't matter but when it comes to tiles size do matter.Larger tiles make your space look more expansive compared to small ones, larger tiles also take less time and effort to install. Small Tiles, on the other hand, can make your room or space look more personal or elegant, but be careful while opting for small tiles as they have more grout lines compared, which can make your floor give out a high complex look.

Before making the right decision on the size try exploring spaces that have small and large tiles, it might help you to make up your mind.

Spark + Hexy collections from Sternhagen
5.) Layout

Layout depends on your likes and dislikes, there are many patterns of layout designs available in the market now thanks to modern technology. Tile layouts can also affect your space big time, how?

For making your space look more spacious using non-complicated tile patterns might help. Using non-complicated tile patterns will make your decors look more highlighted compared to other tiles patterns. For Drawing Attention to your floor using other patterns like Checkboards, herringbone, Versailles is the best pattern choices that you have.

Tile patterns can get messy if not placed properly so make sure you consult someone before making a decision.

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