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100+ International brands
under one roof

Whether it’s in the areas of the luxury bathroom, wellness, surfaces or kitchen, we have the collection of world’s finest luxury pieces designed & manufactured by the world’s top international brands right now.

The ultimate destination to find the ultimate luxury

Our flagship showroom at Cochin in India, a one-of-its-kind gallery, is designed to deliver the ultra-premium nature of the International brands & its products. Here, you’ll find the exclusive collections of over 30000 sophisticated luxury pieces, in stock & with working display, to offer our visitors the most convenient view and an international shopping experience.

Hand-picked from the international market

At ‘ABC Emporio’, the extraordinary collection of luxury products are hand-picked from the global market. We offer technologically and aesthetically brilliant international brands of luxury décor, ceramics, bathroom & wellness products and surface decor that are sourced directly from the leading manufacturers in the world.

One-on-one consultation with our expert professionals

In addition to our unmatched collection, our dedicated professionals have years of industry experience and expertise in the latest trends & gadgets. They will walk with you throughout the gallery answering all your questions.

In-Store Virtual Reality & Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks

By using the latest in virtual reality (VR) technology at our showroom, you’ll be able to virtually immerse yourself in the bathroom of your dreams. You’ll be able to view your completed bathroom with the products & features you have selected through a virtual reality headset. Whether your style is traditional, transitional or contemporary, we have a virtual environment for you to customize the design of your bathroom and find the exquisite design inspiration that will fascinate you.